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Intex Fitrist Smart Band For Rs 799 (Mrp 1249) at Flipkart

Intex Fitrist Smart Band For Rs 799 (Mrp 1249) at Flipkart

Flipkart Selling Intex Fitrist Smart Band Worth Rs 1,249 For Rs 799 Only with Free Shipping.

Product Details:
Model Name                    FitRist
Function                           Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Sleeping
Compatible Devices         Compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones

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Product Description
Intex FitRist is a must-have for all fitness freaks out there. It tracks your activities throughout the day and keeps you motivated to performer harder every time.

This fitness band pairs with your Intex smartphone and syncs data automatically. It has a 2.18 cm (0.86) OLED display so you can keep tabs on the calories you burn, the number of steps you take, the distance you travel, and the time you train for. It also displays the current date, and the battery and Bluetooth statuses.
Li-ion Battery Activity Tracking

Sleep Monitoring
This fitness band monitors the quality of sleep and shows the results on the display so it ensures that you take ample rest before your next training session.
Sleep Monitoring

Mobile Search
If you can't find your phone, you can always search for it with the help of this fitness band provided it's within the Bluetooth distance.

This band is your perfect companion on the go. Just connect the band to your phone and monitor calls or messages. You can switch between the different songs in your phone's playlist using this band.

Don't miss out on anything important. Get the call and message notifications from your Android phone on this smart band.

Remote Shutter
Now you can control your phone's camera with this band. To click pictures, all you have to do is long press the camera icon on the band's display. You need to keep the app on your phone open to use this feature.

Water Resistant
Don't fret if you're caught in the drizzle. This fitness band is splash-proof so it won't get damaged.

This fitness band houses a Li-ion battery that has a 5-day battery life and a charging time of one hour.

This band has Bluetooth v4.0 and is compatible with operating systems: Android 4.3+ and iOS 7+. It also has a 3-axis accelerometer so it's capable of detecting different motion gestures.
Bluetooth v4.0
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