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Dettol Soap Original 125g (Pack of 3) + Free Shipping For Rs 75 (Mrp 132) at Zotezo

Dettol Soap Original 125g (Pack of 3) + Free Shipping For Rs 75 at Zotezo
Zotezo Offering Flat Rs 57 Off on Dettol Soap Original 125g (Pack of 3)

Buy Dettol Soap Original 125g (Pack of 3) Worth Rs 132 For Rs 75 Only with Free Shipping from Zotezo

Offer Price   :         Rs 75
Actual Mrp   :        Rs 132
Your Savings  :      Rs 57
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Dettol Soap Original 125g Details:
Dettol's trusted germ protection enriched with moisturizers to give you healthy, nourished and soft skin

Protect your family from diseases like Cold and Flu by adding a layer of Dettol Protection.

Recommended by Indian Medical Association; Dermatologically tested

Available in variants: Original, skin care, cool, sensitive

Available in sizes: 75g, 125g and multipacks of 125g x3, 75g x3

Dettol Original Soap with classic Dettol fragrance provides Dettol's trusted germ protection from a wide range of unseen germs. It cleanses and protects your skin keeping you healthy every day.

Personal hygiene play a critical role in preventing the spread of illness and infection. Poor personal hygiene can cause infection, skin complaints, unpleasant smells and skin infections.

Skin is our first line of defence from the outside world and by keeping skin clean and moisturised, the barrier function will stay intact and overall health and appearance of skin will be improved.

Reassuringly, Dettol protects from a wide range of illness causing germs and bacteria to help you stay healthy. We have a broad range of products, from the iconic Dettol Original, to our skincare range and even products to help you feel fresh all day long. Go to Our Products to see the full range and find a product that’s right for you.

Personal Hygiene, Healthy Habits with Dettol care :

If you want to minimize your risk of infection and also enhance your overall health, follow these basic personal hygiene habits:

Most importantly, sleep tight. Get rest of about 8 to 10 hours each night so that you are refreshed and are ready to take on the day every morning.

Bathe regularly, that is, wash your body and your hair often after intervals that suit you. Using Dettol original soap on the skin can help minimize dryness and help keep germs away for a healthier you. Unclean skin can cause not only over-the -skin problems, but also internal problems leading to illness and diseases.

Trim your nails and keep your hands clean at all times. At Dettol, we believe that using a liquid handwash over a soap bar can help keep your hands and nails clean and healthy. Hands are the immediate contact points in most cases and therefore, require frequent and extra care.

Clean your hands before preparing or eating food, after coughing or sneezing, after going to the bathroom and after handling garbage. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, keeping you and your family healthy. Even when you are out of home and do not have water and soap available, carry an alcohol-based sanitizing gel.

Brush and floss, ideally after every meal. At the very least, brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, which can minimize the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth.

Safety Warning : For external use only. Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision.

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