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Facebook may soon notify users about fake news

Facebook may soon notify users about fake news
As we all aware, Fake news spreads like a fire via social media platforms, and many people believe on these news too easily, this may leads to dangerous situations sometimes. To reduce the impact of fake news and to curb it, Facebook is looking a way to notify users when they share or see any fake news.  According to the news published in TechCrunch Website (Friday 20 Jan 2017) Facebook may behave introspective & may let people know about fake news retroactively.

Adam Mosseri, Facebook Vice-President said “You want to make sure as little comes in the system as possible and when it happens, you need to react as quickly as you can, and if you didn’t find it until later then you need to consider letting people know. The question is who and how. I don’t know if we’ll do that but it’s certainly something we’re considering.”. He added One approach,  could be to let people know retroactively. So, if someone read and/or shared a story that ended up being fake, Facebook could notify them.

Mosseri further added, The company has already adopted  a various  ways to prevent the spread of false news but there are still concerns being raised. “Fake news was a thing on Facebook before the election, and something Facebook had been working to address for a couple of years. The main difference has been the public outcry in the wake of the election,” adding more to it ”The amount of fake news on the platform, actually – and I’m not trying to diminish the importance of the issue – is relatively small. It’s a very small percentage of what people see. It should be smaller. It should get as close to zero as possible,”

Mr Adam Mosseri said that they are trying to reduce the fake news publishers as close to zero. ”One area Mosseri is particularly excited about is taking a closer look at landing pages. If you look at a landing page and 90 per cent of the page are ads, that is a sign that it’s not a legitimate site,” the report said.

There are many changes going on, these days on Facebook, the recent one was change of message sign.  If you have not noticed it yet, check the upper right corner of a Facebook you will see a change. The previous message box is replaced with messenger like black circle icon, this circle turn white if there are some unread messages, and the number of unread messages are displayed in red color  

Lets wait and watch how Facebook will implement the algorithm to identify and notify users about fake news. 

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