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Gmail soon stop working on Windows XP, Vista OS & on older Chrome browsers

Today Google announced via its Official Blog Post that they will soon withdraw Gmail support for Chrome Browser version v53 or lower. Windows XP & Vista Operating System users will be also affected. 

Google Said, Version v49 which was the last released version for these Operating Systems are no longer maintained by Microsoft therefore they are encouraging users to migrate to newer more secure & supported versions. Keeping in mind that, Gmail is most widely used free email services around the world this becomes the big announcement for professionals as well as home users who are still on XP or Vista Platform.

Google Said that, "this move is necessary because Chrome Browser New Version V55 contains several Important Security Updates for Gmail ". Adding More,  "Gmail will be more vulnerable to security risks and Old Version users will not have access to new features and bug fixes therefore the company encourage its users to upgrade their Chrome Browsers " . "To spread this message more strongly, Google is going to show a banner from February 8, which will run on top of the Gmail interface for people who are still on the older Chrome Browser v53", The Company further Added

Google trying to make Gmail more secure for its users as it had recently announced that users can't send Javascript files attachment from February 13 where as the .exe, .msc & .bat files are already restricted on this platform but users still can send Javascript files via Google Drive & Cloud services 

In a check we found that, upgrading to newer chrome browsers version from Windows XP & Windows Vista platform is not possible When we tried a unsuccessful attempt to upgrade one of our computer Chrome Browser that runs on Windows XP Google flashed this message "This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported"

If you are still using Windows XP or Windows Vista Operating System, so we suggest your to upgrade your Operating Systems as soon as possible to continue enjoying this world larget Email Service

If you are on newer OS Platform , upgrade your Chrome Browser by Clicking Here
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