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HTC Launches AI Sense Companion app for U Series Smartphones

HTC Sense Companion APP

HTC Corporation, a Taiwanese Smartphone Manufacturer, has launched the HTC Sense Companion APP for its recently launched flagships devices HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play.

HTC Sense Companion is a digital assistant mobile application that gives you suggestion and information based on your day-to-day activities along with tips to make your smartphone, even more, smarter. The Initial features include recommendations to improve device performance, reminders to charge or bring a battery bank for a long day out, time estimates for arrival when driving in traffic, and clothing and accessory suggestions based on weather conditions. The company started rolling out updates for devices and in upcoming 1 to 2 weeks you can download the updated version from Google Play Store.

For now, this app works like suggestion or recommendation app instead of a proper digital assistant but company will introduce few more advanced features in next few weeks, that may include, recommendations based on your location, fitness reports based on total step counts and distances moved, points of interest suggestions based on your travel schedule and location, and many more.

The Company confirms that, additional language support will roll out over the coming days. Due to the global nature of the roll out, some users could not see cards pushed from the server. Simply update the HTC Sense Companion app from the Google Play store, re-launch it, and log in, and you will see default cards to introduce features. More cards will begin to appear over the coming days as HTC Sense Companion learns from you and your actions. The Google Play store staggers the rollout of apps in a way that can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to reach everyone.

No Doubt, HTC Sense Companion is a useful app, but we were expected a few more advanced features at launch. Those who are looking to download it from google play, click button below

Download HTC Sense Companion

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