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Meizu Introduces Super mCharge technology can charge 3000mAh Battery in just 20 mint

Meizu’s Introduces Super mCharge technology at MVC 2017 charge 3000mAh Battery in 20 mint

Meizu Introduces Super mCharge technology at MWC 2017

Due to increasing usage of smartphone, Existing Quick Charge technology is not sufficient, it still takes enough time to charge our Mobiles. On Wednesday at MWC 2017 Meizu has unveiled a mobile charging technology that can charge your 3000mAh mobile battery in just 20 minutes. Yes, you read it right, in just 20 Minutes. Meizu named this revolution as Super mCharge. This is achieved by providing a high voltage direct current into smartphone  Also read Huawei launched P10 & P10 Plus With Leica Dual Rear Cameras

The Existing Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 delivers output voltage of 18 watt, last year at MWC 2016 OPPO had announced VOOC technology that can deliver 20 watt voltage to charge mobiles, but OPPO still not introduces VOOC technology in any mobile. Meizu's Super mCharge technology delivers a powerful output voltage of 55 watt using 11V/5A Charger & data cable that can handle upto 160 watt current.

Company claims that this technology keeps the Mobile temperature down during charging. The Maximum Temperature raise during charging is 39 degree, which is slightly higher than normal human body temperature which is 37 degree. As per the company, this high voltage Super mCharge technology is save and harmless, user can use their mobile during charging for any purpose without any fear. Also Read Nokia 3310 is Back Again

Meizu still not announces any smartphone that features Super mCharge technology but we are expecting this in Meizu's upcoming flagship mobiles. This Super mCharge technology enable charger is only a announcement like OPPO did last year or Meizu actually going to implement this technology in some upcoming mobile? Only time will answer this question. Till then stay connected with rainingdeal.in 

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