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Analysts predict that Huawei Apple fight for top Manufacturer Position

Analysts predict that Huawei Apple fight for top Manufacturer Position
According to recent reports, American analyst firm Drexel Hamilton has stated that current mobile trends point to Huawei, in the coming years, leaving behind Samsung, Huawei will become the Apple's top

With a wide pipeline of products to take into account for different market sections, both Huawei and Honor have put the requirements of the Indian purchaser first and have concentrated on the channel, retail, brand, advertising, and administrations, to fortify the business base and streamline operations and client benefit. Keeping in accordance with the administration's 'Make in India' approach, Huawei recently inaugurated a manufacturing hub in Chennai. After China, India has the most focused market having 14 circle offices, over 200 service centers across India, 2 customer experience centers in India 1 R&D center, 1 Innovation Solution & Demo Center. Huawei also has 8000 employees across India (92% Indian) with 3000 working in R&D

Huawei/Honor was the first brand to introduce the SOS features in all their smartphones range, as per the government’s directive & its EMUI supports 14 local Indian languages at present. The brand presently trying to build a strong offline distribution channel in a bid to help increase accessibility of their smartphones
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