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AKAI set up 100th Servicing Center in India to Provide better After Sale Service

AKAI India setup100th servicing center in India to Provide better after sale service
AKAI, a Japanese consumer electronics company has open its 100th servicing center in India. To increase its network in the coupon, the company said that it is going to increase its focus for the next two years on marketing, distribution and after-sales service network. For more than eight decades, Akai has proven itself, one of the premier offerings in the product segment and innovation for consumer electronics.

Akai is known for its home entertainment products, specially in audio and video segment. Company said in the release that Akai aim to open at lest 300 service center in India by the end of 2017. The company has increased its distribution network in most parts of the northern region and is now planning to build strong network in other states such as Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The company is currently present in over 3,000 outlets through around 200 distributors. In addition to this the company will deploy around 1,000 people at different retail stores across the country.
Flashing light on this achievement, Anurag Sharma, Director, Akai India, said, "Our aim is not only to amplify the sales but at-the same establishing after sales service centres across the country. We hope to reach a critical mass and achieve a threshold level by the end of 2018. We are banking on the brand recall and will build the business on distribution, retail across top 10 cities initially with focus on tier II and tier III cities, and after sales services support exclusively built for Akai.”
This investment is a testament to the continued legacy of the company as it plans to expand its product portfolio. Today, on the back of the Digital India movement led by millions of young Indians, there is an increasing adoption of electronic devices, smart appliances, and mobile phones. A planned set-up of servicing centers will help cater to the growing demand for the products across the country, company said in the release.

The Akai brand was earlier launched in India by Baron International, owned by the Mulchandanis, and captured close to 20% share in the TV market which it managed to maintain till 1997-98.
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