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Sony Launched MHC-V50D One Box Portable Audio System in India

Sony Launched MHC-V50D One-Box Portable Audio System in India

Sony has launched MHC-V50D one-box portable audio system in India on Monday. Few Highlighted feature of this one box audio system are party lights and karaoke mode, Motion Control and DJ effects. Priced at 33,990, the new audio system will available to buy from July 13 across all Sony Center and major electronic stores in India.

MHC-V50D audio system comes with a guitar input that allow its user to plug in their guitar to enjoy the powerful sound through the speaker. It also equipped with a Karaoke mode that allow its users to sing songs on their own way. It has  two mic inputs, plus scoring and sound effectsfor a smooth karaoke setup. A built-in vocal fader function even turns down the voice on CDs, so one can sing all favorite songs. 

Sony MHC-V50D audio system can connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. It also feature the Motion Control technology that capture the smartphone gestures such as simple left and right shake to change tracks; play and pause favorite tracks and also manage the volume control.

Another highlighted feature of this Sony Speaker is built-in party lights. "Lights are directed through a lens to spread a wide light pattern. One can control the lights on the system, and watch them sync to the beat of the music for a club-style dance floor at home"

The speaker also feature the LED touch panel that makes it easier to control music playback and space illuminating lights beams multi-colored light from the ceiling to the floor in time with the beat. 

It also comes with a DJ function that can be used to add effects to music, voice and lighting. It helps control the colors of the speaker’s light and sync the same to the beats of the song. The DJ and light function can be controlled with a smartphone app named Music Center app.

The Company claims that MHC-V50D speaker guaranteed produce 660W audio output. As the name itself speak  MHC-V50D one-box portable audio system light weight, and compact in design. It can also be connected with other sony;s one-box systems to amplify the sound and create a audio chain effect.

Connectivity options includes built in DVD/CD player, USB port, audio input, an HDMI output, a built-in FM radio tuner, NFC & Bluetooth.

Just to remind that, Sony's MHC - V44D one box audio system in August 2016 for Rs 29,990. MHC - V44D share the same spec of MHC-V50D but it lacks the few features likes Guitar input, touch panel, gesture control also it product only blue color speaker light whereas MHC-V50D is capable of producing multi color speaker light.
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