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Vodafone launches EVA Facial Mouse, Face will control the phone

 Vodafone launches EVA Facial Mouse, Face will control the phone
Vodafone launches EVA Facial Mouse, Face will control the phone

Vodafone India on Friday has launched an innovative app, EVA Facial Mouse that allow you to control your smartphone or tablet from your face only, without touching your phone by hand. This app is specially designed for disabled people, who are facing problem to operate their mobile through hand. Aimed at helping people with disabilities, Vodafone Spain Foundation has develop this app. This app is available for download in India on Vodafone’s social app hub or you can also get this app from google play store.

This special app is used to track the user facial moments through front camera and operate the smartphone accordingly. Eva is basically is a mouse emulator that move the pointer based on the user head movement. The smartphone is controlled with the help of this pointer.
Similar to the mouse pointer this app have a pointer that can be controlled via face only. It provides direct access to most elements of the user interface.

As per Census 2011, in India, out of the 121 Cr population, about 2.68 Cr persons are ‘disabled’ which is 2.21% of the total population. In an era where ‘inclusive development’ is being emphasised as the right path towards sustainable development, focussed initiatives for the welfare of disabled persons are essential. This calls the need for strengthening and empowering the disabled in India. This is a small initiative from Vodafone for an inclusive growth.

How this app works 
This app is quite easy to operate. Just download it and follow the onscreen instruction to install it. We tried this app and sharing with you a brief introduction about this app.

1) Download the App from Play store
2) After installation open setting->language & input > current keyboard > choose keyboard -> under this you will see EVA Keyboard allow it..
3) After step 2 an EVA tutorial will open, you will see the small window on top mid side side of your device. Your face is visible through this window. Follow the instruction to learn the app functions.
4) It allows you to click on any object to open, scrolling function is also present.

As mentioned in the app call pick function is not available currently for few mobile phone.
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