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Sardar Patel Stadium is Bigger than MCG, but is it any better?

Sardar Patel Stadium is Bigger than MCG, but is it any better?

Sardar Patel Stadium is Bigger than MCG, but is it any better?

Cricket is the only topic on which entire India is always ready to be united. Here people are crazy for cricket and there is a solid reason behind this insanity: 2 World Cups, 1 T-20 World Cup, MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Virat Kohli and more such glorious glory and record all Are on India name. Today games is evolved so much high tech techniques better facilities and lots more world offering to their players. To compete with the international standards India too revamping their structure one such bigger change is Sardar Patel Stadium.

As I already mentioned in our previous Blog Post that redevelopment work of Sardar Patel Stadium is already started and once it over it will surpass the World's biggest stadium " Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) " in terms of sitting capacity

Bigger than Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), but is it any better?

Rs 700 crore is allotted to redevelop the Sardar Patel Stadium by the GCA and Government. Naturally this question in everyone mind that after spending such a huge public money only sitting capacity will increase or we can proudly say that our stadium is better than MCG in all way? Here, I am sharing the facts thats are available online on this new stadium.

The ability to sit in the new stadium will be 110,000 which is much more than the current sitting capacity of Melbourne Cricket Ground (100,024 seats). Not only the sitting capacity is incresing, the whole stadium structure will revamp. The new stadium is developing on a 63 acres of land Whose main focus is to increase the land visibility. The stadium is being built in such a way that the viewer can easily see the playground from everywhere. It will have the added number of air conditions boxes, VIP Boxes, Food Courts, Toilets & other Common Amenities like landscaping, high mast lighting, Drainage, & Security. It will also have good provision of flood lights for day-night matches as it will be a regular sporting venue for Test and ODI cricket matches.

This plan also includes developing a large parking lot which can accommodate up to 3,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers.

The stadium will also have 3 practice grounds and an indoor cricket academy for the emerging players of cricket. It will feature new dressing rooms, 76 corporate boxes with art facility.

The plan also includes high end sustainable sports facilities, stores on the outside facade, a gym, creche , 3 restaurants on one side, a club house and an Olympic-size swimming pool. It would also have a hotel and three huge banquet halls for meetings and conventions

Apart from the old Sabarmati to Motera road, there is a planning to integrate Metro Rail, another option is to link the Sabarmati Riverfront road with the stadium therefore the stadium will offer three entry points instead of one to avoid congestion during bigger matches.

Construction work is expected to be completed till 2019 and according to the report, the new name of the stadium will also be kept

Therefore, the revamped stadium not only provides the largest seating capability in the world but also international standard facilities.
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