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My Experience at Delhi Comic Con 2017

The first day of the Delhi Comic Con 2017 kicked off amidst a host of cloaks, fandom, and high-fives at random.

Comics always remind me of Chacha Chowdhary, Champak, Calvin and Hobbes, even Shaktiman. But when I attended my first-ever Comic Con, I truly was taken by surprise by the sheer number of ‘adults’ donning garbs inspired by their favourite superhero, supervillain, and characters from popular sci-fi movies. From a Spiderman to Vodafone Superzoozoo, the Comic Con 2017 had it all! It is a festival of comics – old and new – Indian and foreign. It’s a time travel to the past and a flight of fantasy to the future.

Apart from the comic book stalls, game zones and merchandise stalls, this time they had an experience zone by Vodafone at the festival – The debut of Vodafone Superzoozoo who has been everyone’s favorite since its launch back in the year 2009.

The experience was dream come true as I have always been a fan of Zoo zoo ads and the Zoo zoo comic. Vodafone Super Zoozoo made an appearance every after 10-15 mins for a period of around 15 mins and the Visitors were so excited to interact with the Zoozoo and click pictures. To add to my experience there was a photo booth for the fans and Visitors could also take printout of their pictures (no additional cost)

The biggest attraction of every Comic Con around the world is the cosplay competition. You can go as any character from a comic, movie, manga, anime, game or even TV show. It’s open to both children and adults. One lucky winner each day will get to walk home with Rs. 50,000, and the opportunity to win the Indian Championship of Cosplay.

Cosplayers, fans, creators and more have come together in a celebration of comic culture and entertainment at the Comic Con this weekend.
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Nice blog

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Wow enjoyed reading your post you had spend gala time there ��

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Amazing event. I would love to experience it. Well written post to provide proper information regarding the event.