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Is Gujarat really developing as it is showcased? My Views on it

Today, I want to share some thought about India's Premier State Gujrat. In recent years Government had done a good job to improve infrastructure also the noticeable change is visible but still something missing.

Governments always pay their attention to develop beautiful roads, parks, they try to enhance the transport service but Why they forget about Monuments? Why they do not think about heritage of  state? Why the forget to to provide the better work places? Why they forget to provide the Better homes?

4G9 Office Tower, Malaysia 

I think the Gujarat needs an icon in the city skyline like the 4G9 Office Tower situated in Precinct 4, Putrajaya, Malaysia. 4G9 is a  Government administrative center of Malaysia which leaves a positive image of Putrajaya on everyone mind. The lighting of this tower is done in a very special way, despite of high no of electric equipment the energy consumption is very low . Lighting design is based on the Fibonacci series, a mathematical progression

Adelaide Entertainment Center

Adelaide Entertainment Center is situated in the South Adelaide, Australia. It is one of the most popular night time  entertainment venue in  South Adelaide. It has a lighting system that could fit the
unique dimensions of the glass “pillows” on the signature orb. Philips Color Kinetics lighting system is used here which is color-changing fixtures allowed the lighting designer to achieve a high level of
visual detail. The best thing about these fixtures is that, it is withstand in high temperatures during summer months, and do not require frequent maintenance.

Gujarat certainly needs more development and attention in these things. What do you think friends. Share your views in the comment section

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