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A visit to a Lounge - Raftaar at Punjabi Bagh

Raftaar  Lounge - Punjabi Bagh

Hola buddies,
Saturday nite is the night to enjoy ,freak out and party. I usually wait for the weekend and look for places where I can hang out with my buddies.

This Saturday we decided to have a family dine out. My search was to look for ample space, music and pocket friendly menu. So, I booked the place - Raftaar at Punjabi Bagh.

As we reached here, the ambience of the place took my heart away.

The space provided to us was absolutely perfect for a private dine in. We all got settled there within no time. The staff was really courteous.They served us very well. The music was perfect to make environment enjoying. The taste of the food was average. The starters were adequate to satisfy our tooth buds. I liked the presentation of the food.

Dahi Kabab

Main Course 

The main course was good enough. I just loved dal makhani and the vegetable biryani served. A lot of variety of dishes to be chosen from the menu. I loved the ambience , the music, the staff courtesy. If a bit of food quality is improved, it could be one of the best place in Punjabi Bagh.

I enjoyed being here and recommend all the party animals to come and enjoy their weekdays and weekends.
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