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A Visit To A New Restaurant - Maestro A Restro Cafe

Summer vacations are going on and it's the time to freak out and dine out. This Sunday evening  we decided to have a family dine out to a nearby place. So, we decided to book Maestro A Restro Cafe in Ashok Vihar.
We booked it for 10 people. We got the booking on first floor. As, we climbed up the stairs, Restaurant ambiance is impressive . Ample space and nice decoration, Very much suitable for even birthday parties and small get together.
Coming to Menu, menu is tempting .We ordered a lot of dishes starting with dahi Kababs, Chilly mushrooms, dosa, uttapam, pizza. The service was very prompt and the staff was courteous. We found that Dahi kababbs, is a different recipe from all other restaurants. We loved it. The presentation was eye catching. Spring dosa was delicious. The kids liked the taste and enjoyed the food. Moreover, the prices are upto the quality served,almost pocket friendly .

We highly recommend this place. Make your dine out tempting and relishing. 
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