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Go Digit Car Insurance

Go Digit Car Insurance

Car Insurance is the common word. Everyone aware about it because every car owner must Insure his/her car to minimize the loss that occur due to damages, unexpected accident or from theft.

Whenever we plan to insure our car the basis question comes in our mind ......

Where to buy insurance for our car? 

Which Insurance provider offer fastest claim? 

Which insurance provider offer lowest cost? 

Is insurance provider provide the flexibility to repair my car from my Favorite Service Center?

Are my insurance cover unexpected breakdowns? 

Today I am going to introduce you an Insurance website GoDigit.com which makes your Insurance buying and calming experience hassle free.

Go Digit General Insurance India Limited formally known as Oben General Insurance Limited is a trusted place to buy an insurance for your valuables. Go Digit offers variety of Insurance Products ranging from Car Insurance , Travel Insurance, Mobile Insurance, Jewellery Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

In this blog post we are going to describe the most important Insurance Product car Insurance and how GoDigit.com make your experiences hassle free?

Features of GoDigit.com Vehicle Insurance

Self-Damage Inspection

     For Damage claims no need to wait for the agent to come and approve your damages. Go Digit introduces Self Inspection schemes to ease your claim. You just need to click a picture of your car damage part from your smartphone and sent that picture to Go Digit.

Advance Cash for Repair

     Go Digit provide the Advance Cash to get repair your vehicle from the garage of your choice. You will receive the Advance Cash in your bank account at the earliest and can start with the repairs.

Cashless Repair

       Go Digit provide the fully Cashless repair through their network of garages. The Best thing here is that company provide the flexibility to choose mode of repair. Selecting Cash for Repair or Cashless Repair is entirely depending on customer choice.

Pick-up, Repair & Drop facility

        If you don't have a time to visit the garage for repair GoDigit.com also provide the Pick-up facility. Go Digit take care of everything from picking up, getting your car repaired to dropping it back. Also, you get a 6 months warranty on the repairs.

Breakdown Assistance

        Breakdowns are common and most of the Insurance companies don't provide any solution for Breakdowns. But Go Digit offers you 24*7 assistance if there is a breakdown on the road. You can avail this facility up to 500 kms from the city center.

Go Digit claiming that 87% claims are approved with in 24hrs. 

So, if you or your near-dear planning to buy a Insurance for your car so don't miss to visit GoDigit.com once.

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